Multimedia protocols and url

In the 2.0 version we've added multimedia support in overlay.

To add these overlay you need to add some annotations to the pdf with custom url destinations.

For each media overlay you can add remote or local files and they can be displayed in overlay on the page, or as modal view. You can also define your own uri and then design your custom views.

For local documents you need to specify relative paths to the pdf document.

For example if you put a local html page called index.html in a folder named page at the same level of the pdf and need to display it in overlay: fpkh://page/index.html.


Type Local Remote
Overlay Movie fpkv:// fpky://
Modal Movie fpke:// fpkz://
Overlay HTML fpkh:// fpkw://
Modal HTML fpki:// http://
Overlay Audio fpka:// fpkb://

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